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The India Music and Dance Society

Carnatic Vocal Music Concert  by 
Text Box: Saturday,  December 4, 2004
10:00AM —  12:00 Noon
716 Belvoir Road
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
(For directions see GBM announcement)
Text Box: This program has been commissioned through American Composers Forum as part of the Community Partners project.  Muraga Ratnamala contains new and original musical and lyrical works,  composed by  Sri T. N. Bala as part of the American Composers Forum’s Community Partners Residency Program.  This program, administered by the American Composers Forum, Philadelphia Chapter and funded by the Helen F. Whitaker Fund, the Samuel S. Fels Fund, and the William Penn Foundation, enables community, cultural and educational institutions to select a composer to create original musical works designed around the needs of their specific communities.  This piece was created in collaboration with SRUTI, The India Music and Dance Society.
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is a set of 7 compositions of Sri T.N. Bala in praise of Lord Muruga, a popular deity of South India. They are all composed in Tamil language and contain 5 compositions called Muruga Pancharatnas. These are based on the music of Saint Thyagaraja’s Ghana Raga Pancharatnas, in Nata, Gowla, Arabhi, Varali and Sri ragas.  The remaining compositions are in Nata Kurunji and Suruti ragas.