Board of Directors

Sruti’s leadership comprises of an elected Board of Directors and several committees. The following is a listing of the the board members and the offices held since the inception of the organization.

2024 Board of Directors

  • Board Term:

Term 2024

Board Position board member Committee Members
President Ms. Lata Suresh
President-Elect Ms. Rajee Padmanabhan
Treasurer Mr. Venkat Kilambi
Resources and Development Mr. Sriram Satagopan (Director)
Secretary Ms. Geetha Muthuswami
Publications and Outreach Mr. Ravi Iyer (Director)
Marketing and Publicity Mr. Nari Narayanan (Director)
Director 1 Ms. Lavanya Sambasivan
Director 2 Mr. V S Narayan
Investment Committee Mr. Venkat Kilambi (Chair)