Draft Of Anti-Harassment & Zero Tolerance Policy

All Misconduct and Harassment Prohibited

SRUTI – The India Music and Dance Society (hereinafter referred to as “SRUTI”) strictly prohibits and does not tolerate any type of misconduct or harassment by and against any  SRUTI Stakeholders (including Board of Directors, volunteers, members, performers, participants, visiting artists and audience) We are committed to providing a safe, respectful and inclusive environment for all our stakeholders at all SRUTI-organized events. The “zero tolerance” policy applies to any form of verbal, emotional, online, physical and sexual harassment or abuse.

All stakeholders associated with SRUTI are required to abide by and follow the above code of conduct.

Complaint Procedure

If you are subjected to any conduct that you believe violates this policy or witness any such conduct, please file a complaint with complaints@sruti.org*, as soon as possible following the offending conduct.  Your complaint should be as detailed as possible, including the names of all individuals involved and any witnesses and supporting documentation. All complaints and investigations will be treated confidentially. We will thoroughly investigate the facts and circumstances of all claims of perceived harassment and will take prompt corrective action, as appropriate. It is a violation of this policy to make a knowingly false or malicious complaint.

No Retaliation

No one will be subject to, and SRUTI prohibits, any form of discipline, reprisal, intimidation, or retaliation for good faith reporting of incidents of harassment of any kind, pursuing any harassment claim, or cooperating in related investigations. If you perceive any kind of retaliation, please write to us at retaliation@sruti.org. *

Violations of This Policy

Any SRUTI Stakeholder, regardless of affiliation, position, or title, whom the SRUTI Board of Directors determines has subjected another SRUTI Stakeholder or individual to harassment or retaliation in violation of this policy, will be subject to discipline, up to and including termination of their membership with SRUTI, removal from all affiliation with SRUTI, and an outright ban to all SRUTI sponsored events and activities.

Nothing in this policy will prevent a complainant or respondent from seeking other legal remedies or resolution through local, state, federal agencies or the courts.

*  Mailboxes for complaints/feedback on retaliation will be accessible to a committee comprising the President, President Elect and Secretary of SRUTI.

A comprehensive addendum to the artist contracts including the Anti-Harassment and Zero Tolerance policy is being considered and here is a link to the draft of the addendum.