Carnatic Vocal Concert (In-person event; no video recording / streaming available)

Carnatic Vocal Concert (In-person event; no video recording / streaming available)

By Ranjani and Gayatri

Saturday, September 24, 2022 | 4:30 PM

East High School

450 Ellis Ln,
West Chester, PA 19380

About This Event

Carnatic Vocal Concert by Ranjani and Gayatri, accompanied by L Ramakrishnan on the Violin and N Manoj Siva on the Mridangam.

Ranjani and Gayatri invite you to the concert

Please note: No video recording / streaming is available for this in-person concert.

Ranjani and Gayatri

“If music is not merely to be heard and comprehended but experienced in the rapturous dimensions of the listeners’ hearts, it was provided to the hilt by Ranjani and Gayatri. Their recital breathed the eternal fragrance and the perennial freshness of Carnatic music.” 

……The Hindu, Chennai dated 2nd Jan 2004

Ranjani and Gayatri, sisters, are world-renowned musicians whose musical contributions include studio recordings, television, radio, concerts, festivals and lecture demonstrations. They have appeared as soloists, violin duos, accompanists, vocal duos, composers, educators and ambassadors of Indian Classical Music. As top class Carnatic classical musicians, Ranjani and Gayatri are conservators of their genre’s unique beauty and preserve ancient tradition as they continue to innovate within it.

 Ranjani and Gayatri’s concerts take the listener into a world of color, beauty and transcendental bliss. Their music leaves a powerful impact on music aficionados and fans, inspiring many musicians to follow their style.

Ranjani and Gayatri

L Ramakrishnan

Hailing from a musical family, Ramakrishnan began his vocal training from his mother at the age of 2.  He was trained in vocal music for 8 years before beginning his training in Carnatic Violin under the guidance of Smt. Visalam Vageeswar. Ramakrishnan performed his first solo concert at the age of 12 at Shanmukhananda, Mumbai.

He subsequently came under the wings of the distinguished violin maestro Kum A Kanyakumari. His other Gurus include Sri T.K. Govinda Rao, Smt. T.R. Balamani and Shri. B.Balasubramaniam.

L Ramakrishnan (Violin)

N Manoj Siva

N. Manoj Siva a prime disciple of Sangitha Kalanidhi Sri Palghat Raghu is a top ranking Mridangist and Teacher par excellence. He had his initial training in Mridangam from Sangitha Kala Acharya Kumbakonam Sri Rajappa Iyer and has been in the  profession for more than 25 years.

Known for his dexterous, soft and accommodative style he has accompanied a gamut of artists which include veterans Sri D.K. Jayaraman, Sri K.V. Narayanaswamy, Smt. D.K. Pattamal and today’s leading artistes. He has travelled all over India and Abroad participating in Prestigious Festivals.

N Manoj Siva (Mridangam)