Carnatic Vocal Concert.

Carnatic Vocal Concert.

By Abhishek Raghuram

Saturday, April 15, 2023 | 4:30 PM

Fugett Middle School Auditorium

500 Ellis Lane
West Chester, PA 19380

About This Event

Abhishek Raghuram is an Indian musician, composer, and singer. As a performer, he has earned critical acclaim from all corners for his mastery over content, control and technical excellence. As an artist, he is an explorer whose unique blend of physicality and firm rooting in traditional composition takes the listeners through a deep and thought provoking journey into the wide tapestry of Carnatic music. His reverence for compositions coupled with his bold and thought provoking interpretation of source material make his performances an intellectual and emotional journey for the listener. Primal yet polished. Subtle and layered, Abhishek wears his love for music on his sleeve and is audible in his searing voice that cuts across genres and has resonated in venues across India and the world.

His musical roots are deep, diverse and stem from a childhood steeped in process, understanding and dissection. “I listened with great curiosity, to all the sounds that nurtured me from childhood. My Mother Usha’s music, the sounds that emanated from the mridangam of my Grandfather, Shri Palakkad Raghu created in me, an awe for the content, the structure, and gave me the wings to fly endlessly. The musical honing of Guru Shri PSN grounded me time and again to surrender, and search relentlessly for more. What I love most is Sadhana, to engage in relentless pursuit, day after day, and the gems, in the infiniteness between notes never fail to show up, to shine, whether I search through my voice, my mridangam, the gems that shape my thoughts, that stir my inner being “

Abhishek Raghuram

Mysore Karthik Nagaraj, son and disciple of violinist Mysore M Nagaraj and nephew of Sangeeta Ratna Mysore Manjunath, is a well-known violinist who made a mark in the Carnatic music industry at a young age. Playing violin since the age of eight, Karthik has emerged as a promising violinist in the realm of Carnatic Music, making rapid progress with his musical acumen, prowess and technical virtuosity. He is among the youngest musicians in India to be awarded “A” grade from All India Radio and Doordarshan. Karthik, who is associated with percussion ensemble ‘Layatharanga’ and Carnatic jazz group ‘Saagara’, has toured and performed in various countries like Qatar, Denmark and Germany.

Mysore Karthik Nagaraj

Bangalore Arjun Kumar is among the most respected Mridangam artistes of today. Born in a family of Mridangam artistes, Arjun Kumar was initiated into the art of Mridangam playing at the young age of five by his father Sri Arjunan, who is one of the very senior artistes in the field of percussion and was later mentored by Sri T. A. S. Mani for a couple of years. He then came under the tutelage of the mridangam legend, Padmavibhushan Sangeetha Kalanidhi Dr. Umayalpuram K. Sivaraman.

He has enthralled music lovers over the past four decades with his inimitable style, novelty, fine aesthetics and precision in creating unabated rhythm patterns through his Mridangam. He has been accompanying three generations of leading musicians and has performed in all the leading organisations, sabhas, music conferences and cultural festivals of India and across the globe. He is also the recipient of several awards and honors. 

Bangalore Arjun Kumar