Carnatic Vocal Concert

Carnatic Vocal Concert

By K. S. Vishnudev

Saturday, April 27, 2024 | 4:30 PM

B. Reed Henderson High School

400 Montgomery Avenue
West Chester, PA 19380

About This Event


K S VISHNUDEV is a versatile and passionate vocalist hailing from a family of music connoisseurs. As an “A” grade artist of All India Radio, Vishnudev has established himself as a prominent figure in the realm of Carnatic music. His vibrant voice, coupled with a vivacious and explorative musical style, sets him apart on both national and international stages. Throughout his career, he has graced audiences across the globe. His dedication to maintaining the classicism and traditional values of Carnatic music is evident in his aesthetically conscious approach. He has received numerous accolades and awards, including the esteemed “Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuvapuraskar” from Sangeet Natak Akademi in 2022. Sharing the stage with renowned senior musicians has further enriched his musical journey.

His musical training began at the age of nine under the guidance of Smt. Alli Harivishnu and later his aunt, Smt. Kavitha Shibu. At twelve, he embarked on a decade-long tutelage under Sri Chandramana Narayanan Namboothiri, which provided a strong foundation and nurtured his manodharma abilities. After moving to Chennai, Vishnudev continued his musical education under the expert guidance of senior musician Sri Neyveli Santhanagopalan. From 2009 until the passing of renowned Carnatic musician Padma Bhushan awardee late Sri P.S. Narayanaswamy in 2020, Vishnudev was privileged to receive his mentorship.

Vishnudev’s musical prowess extends beyond his vocal performances. He has composed and tuned kritis by contemporary composers, receiving critical acclaim for his innovative interpretations. Additionally, he actively engages in teaching aspiring students in India, the USA, and various other countries. He has been part of lectures, workshops, and collaborate with musicians from different genres, including a memorable Jugalbandi with Hindustani singer Sri Jayteerth Mevundi. Alongside his wife, Lakshmi V, he has produced songs that explore the uncharted realms of Carnatic music through experimental concepts. His performances have been commended for their clean lines, wholesome music, dedicated approach, and resonant voice.

VVS Murari (Violin)

VVS MURARI, born into a family of musicians with rich lineage and steeped in pedigree music, Maestro VVS Murari represents the fourth generation of music practitioners in his family. Murari has been groomed under the guidance of his father and guru the legendary violinist ‘Nadayogi’ VV Subrahmanyam, famously known as VVS and later from the doyen of Carnatic music ‘Padma Vibhushan’ Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer. Murari was initiated into classical carnatic music by his paternal grand father and musician Vadakkencheri Veeraraghava Iyer, and also mentored by his mother Janaki VVS who hails from a family of great connoisseurs of music and arts in Kozhikode. He not only bears the torch of the famous VVS tradition but has also evolved as a sensitive, thinking and emotive musician, giving a distinct style of his own. In his voyage of over 37 years as a cultural ambassador of India’s rich heritage, Murari has performed extensively in India and abroad in the most prestigious fora, drawing critical acclaim wherever he has performed. He has won several accolades from many reputed institutions.

Not only an acclaimed musician, Murari is also an art entrepreneur and educator. He does service to music and classical music industry by encouraging and featuring young musicians in various platforms worldwide. He has also been a catalyst in taking raw talents, mentoring them and also putting them on world map by touring them across the North America and India. He has been involved in several unique projects combining classical Indian music and western classical to jazz thus bringing the world together.

A strong believer of philanthropy, Murari have been associating himself with many charity and giving back to community projects and have been supporting over 600 musicians every year through various music and art festivals. As a guru, he challenges his students to use their imagination, intellect and creativity, preparing them in the same direction which makes them a complete musician. This musical journey transforms into a strong bond of mutual trust and respect between the Shishya and Guru. Apart from his own student some of who are performers, he has been an inspiration for many young students of music and performing musicians alike.

Patri Satish Kumar (Mridangam)

The much sought after mridangam artiste, Patri Satish Kumar was born into a family of musicians. He was initiated into the art of percussion by his mother Padmavathy, a renowned violinist at the age of 7. Trained under Gurus Sri Ramachandramurthy, V.A. Swami and V. Narasimhan, Satish Kumar continues to evolve a distinct style of his own. A fine performer and composer with a deep interest to innovate and explore the art form, his specialization is his precise fingering technique and the fine balance between the treble and base heads of the mridangam.

Satish Kumar has performed alongside many artists including Jayanthi Kumaresh, Dr M. Balamuralikrishna, Ganesh and Kumaresh, N. Ravikiran, Zakir Hussain, Pandit Jasraj, and Shashank Subramanyam. He has been a part of many musical confluences of Classical, Fusion and Jazz genres.

Satish Kumar has been a regular feature in prestigious venues and festivals in India and around the world including the Music Academy in Chennai, the Royal Albert Hall in London, at festivals in Paris, Spain, and Canada.


VAZAPPALLY R KRISHNAKUMAR was initiated into Ghatam & Mridangam by Guru Sri. Vazhappally Chellappan master at the early age of seven. Later Guru Sri. Cherthala R Jayadev and Guru Sri Dr. Suresh Vaidyanathan groomed Krishnakumar with the nuances of the art of Ghatam and imparted advanced training, which has collectively made Krishnakumar a prominent face in international music circuit.

 Drawing on his long concert career from an early age of thirteen and a number of significant encounters with other great musicians, Vazhappally Krishnakumar is known for his distinct style of playing Ghatam. An A-Grade Ghatam artist of All India Radio, Trivandrum, Krishnakumar has accompanied many eminent artistes and has been the favorite of many front ranking lead musicians.