Odissi Dance Performance

Odissi Dance Performance

Artist(s) : Nrityagram Dance Ensemble

Saturday, July 12, 2003

Annenberg Center for The Performing Arts

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

About This Event

Nrityagram Dance Ensemble in the Odissi production
SRI, In Search of the Goddess

Zellerbach Theater,
Annenberg Center for Performing Arts,
3680 Walnut Street,
University of Pennsylvania,

Tickets: $50; $35; $25 (Member/Student Discounts available)
Call (215) 898-3900 for tickets

Program Details

Nrityagram (Dance Village) is the only dance village in the world,
set up for the preservation and popularization of the seven Indian
Indian classical dance styles and two martial dance arts. Founded in
1990 by noted Odissi danseuse Protima Gauri, Nrityagram is situated
in the outskirts of Bangalore in southern India. In the short span of
a decade, Nrityagram has been hailed as a unique institution that has
produced some of the finest dance professionals in the country,
compared to the best in the world. Surupa Sen and Bijayini Satpathy,
leading dancers in the Ensemble, have been nominated faces of the

The Nrityagram Dance Ensemble, which made its New York debut in 1996,
has received rave reviews and is regarded by critics as one of the
foremost Indian classical dance ensembles in the world. The Ensemble
is much more than just a dance company. It is a crucible of
inspiration and ideas, a coming together of creative minds. A space
where dancers, musicians and choreographers live together for years,
developing their ideas, perfecting their techniques and complementing
their learning of dance with knowledge of mythology and the epics,
yoga, meditation and the martial arts. With exceptional
synchronicity, compelling physicality and emotional honesty, the
Ensemble is known for its ability to redefine both dance and theater,
to create and communicate with powerful imagery and captivating dance.

Odissi is a dance of love and passion, in an everlasting synthesis of
divinity and humanity that has its origins in the temples of Orissa
in North East India. SRI is a contemporary interpretation of
mythology that forges together the cross-cultural influences of the
ensemble, and crosses the realm of classical Indian dance.

“One of the most luminous dance events of the year!” — The New York Times

“The ensemble mesmerized a sold-out audience with its artistry, energy, technique and beauty.” — Dance Magazine

“Dazzling dance and dancers! What is appealing in a soloist can be positively overwhelming when four or five exquisitely trained, stunningly garbed young women multiply the gestures and movements.” — The Village Voice

The Artist(s)

Nrityagram Dance Ensemble