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Tributes to MSS for her service to CMusic

  • December 15, 2004
  • T.N.Bala

Tribute to the Nightingale of music

By now the whole world of music has paid its tribute and mourned the passing away of the most beloved and endearing “ Nada Yogi” who ever lived, in our time, a life of music and gave the world a universal language that can sooth and tame humanity. My humble tribute to the Nightingale of Music, Srimathi M.S.Subbulakshmi, known affectionately as MS, is but a drop in an ocean of tributes and respects paid to her by the world over, starting with the President of India.

Among them all, one tribute goes right to my heart which is still my belief all along my musical pursuits over these years. “With her strong moorings in the country’s secular traditions, she had shown to the younger generations that devotional music had no religious overtones and artificial barriers of language. Religion, per say, cannot overcome pure music which encompasses one and all. Her empathy for the poor, sick, downtrodden and helpless transcended all barriers and brought to the fore the fact that the very essence of Indian Music is to sooth, heal and remedy.” The Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting and Culture, Shri S. Jaipal Reddy was so right that it cannot be better said. “To sooth, heal and remedy ” is what pure music does to a weary, over wrought, agitated and restless mind. The carnatic music trinity went through this trail and brought forth the treasure house of tranquillity. Searching souls like the doyen of Carnatic music MS lived that life to show the world that there is a sure way to salvation.

As was the case of Budha, Christ, Sankara, Gandhiji, occasionally, a bright comet passes and pierces through the dark clouds of the suffering humanity to light up the path for mental tranquillity and peace. May her immortal soul rest in peace and bring forth peace to this restless world!.


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