Thyagaraja Aradhana Registration (2023)

Individual Participation Guidelines:

• Registrations for individual participation will open at 9 am on Sunday, February 12, 2023.

• Individual and group participation is restricted to Thyagaraja Krithis only. A strict time limit of 5 minutes will be imposed. Each participant will be given only one slot – they can perform either as an individual or as part of a group. Participants that are both vocalist/instrumentalist can register for only one category. Accompanists will be allowed if they have their instruments tuned and ready beforehand. No time will be given to tune instruments on stage. 

• Please do not perform any Alapana, Niraval or Kalpana swarams. This restriction does not apply to Chittai Swarams in the composition. We’re trying

• Song provided during the registration CANNOT be changed for any reason.

• While registering please make sure the participants’ name and email are spelled correctly as they will be used in the certificates as entered.

Priority of participant selection will be based on your 2023 sponsorship/membership status according to the following Priority levels until we reach a total of 50 slots. 

  • Priority 1: 2023 Sruti Adult Sponsors or family sponsors and groups with all participants being 2023 sponsors
  • Priority 2:  Groups with at least one Sruti 2023 sponsor and rest being life members
  • Priority 3:  Individual life member or groups with all life members
  • Priority 4: Groups with at least one life member with others being annual members

• The order of the participant performances will largely follow the same priority levels as above.

• Please note that for priority purposes, the participant needs to sign up for 2023 Sruti sponsorship or Life Membership before February 12, 2023, the registration date. The sponsorship sign up is open at the Membership page. 

• A confirmation email will be sent indicating the scheduled session of the participants in advance of the event.

• No phone call registrations will be accepted.

• Participants must be available to perform in the allotted slot. Participants must be present when their turn is announced, or they will be moved to the end of the session.

• We strongly encourage participants to attend the whole day including performance by the other participants and the main concert by Vidwan Dr. R.Suryaprakash accompanied by VIdwan Raghavendra Rao on the Violin and Viwan K H Vineeth on the Mridangam.

• For any questions, please email